Finding a purpose for your social media page

I had the opportunity of writing a guest post on Ashley’s blog. As a social media manager and freelance writer; I have been able to discover that it is VERY important for your page to have a clearly defined purpose; especially if it is a business page.

Social media is a great tool. It’s fast becoming the most powerful tool ever. Social media are online interaction sites that facilitate better communication with the outside world. It’s so wonderful to know that from the privacy of your bedroom, you can be having virtual meetings, having classes etc. They have made the world a smaller and more intimate place. Relationships have been formed and destroyed on social media, deals have been closed, and people have got jobs from social media.

A lot of people now create social media profiles, without a goal. This is really wrong.  Your business page should have a guiding principle, a purpose, what it seeks to achieve, and the problem it wants to solve.  This way you have a direction. If you have a page that is established to promote your services, you can do a variety of things with that page and still not lose touch with the main reason why you started the page.

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Who is a virtual assistant?

Who is a virtual assistant? I get asked this question every time I introduce myself. Wikipedia defines a virtual assistant as ‘ a generally self-employed individual who provides professional, administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office’.

I define a virtual assistant as an individual who offers creative, technical, administrative, and professional services to other individuals without necessarily being in their full-time employment. A virtual assistant can take on more tasks for you, for instance; a virtual assistant can be both an administrative assistant and a social media manager.

A virtual assistant can take on more tasks for you, for instance; a virtual assistant can be both an administrative assistant and a social media manager.

It is an awesome ‘work from home’ opportunity for those who are currently unemployed or even on maternity leave or those simply looking for a change of job.

It is more cost efficient for you to hire a virtual assistant to handle your tasks for you. The cost of having someone in your full-time employment is very high compared to having someone work for you remotely. You are also saved the stress of paying the allowances you would pay for or to your employees e.g. tax, hospital allowance and so on

As a client, you can actually choose to pay by the hour or pay per month; how cool is that huh?!

Location really doesn’t matter; I have worked with people in Canada; I currently work for people in the UK in addition to my clients in Nigeria. That’s the beauty of my job, I don’t have to be physically present for your work to be done. What about meetings, you might ask? Well, I use zoom, skype, join me, facebook messenger, WhatsApp and so on to communicate with my clients. The time difference is something you should be ready to work with as a virtual assistant.

Next week, we will be talking about the tasks a virtual assistant can help you with. This is very interesting for me; you will be amazed at the many tasks you can actually make money from.

See you then!